Are you tired of trying out of the box solutions that only meet 80% off your business needs? Sometimes custom application is the only solution for businesses.

Kaaryaa offers a wide range of technology services, from custom application development to transforming legacy system into the cloud. We have a team of highly skilled IT professional that can help you with your business needs. Custom application sometimes can become the most cost-effective and in some cases the only solutions for the business needs. Such application development projects are usually high risk. Kaaryaa has proven capability in delivering such high risk and high value projects on time and in budget.

Enterprise Application Development 

  • Does your data travel throughout your organization?
  • Are you tired of trying out of the box-solution that only meets 80% of your needs?
  • Do you need to leverage data from disparate systems and functions?
  • Have you thought of building custom solution but are concerned about scalability, and maintenance?

We not only understand the technology, but also work very closely with you to enable adaptation and change management within your firm. Our consulting stretches beyond the technical development requirements, we want to ensure that success of your project is the key focus of our team. We setup on-boarding and training process for existing employees as well as build a sustainable program to bring new employees on-board on the tools and technology infrastructure.

Kaaryaa is uniquely qualified to help you with custom application development with the breadth of experience and expertise. We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, and we can help you guide in making the right decision for your business. Reach our qualified consultants group for technology services.

In the meantime, if you are still considering if custom development is the right option for you, download the eGuide, “Custom Development vs. Package Software”

Integration Application 

  • Are you having challenges to get a holistic view of your organization because data lives in disparate systems?
  • Is your workforce unable to make informed decisions due to lack of information available to them?
  • Is your IT team to busy to take on the integration project?

Our typical integration engagement has been from small to gigantic. Kaaryaa has worked on small-scale integration projects by breaking the silos of multiple departments by bringing the data into a single application to provide a holistic view to all team members in the process. We have been fortunate to experience our client’s growth during mergers and acquisitions were two companies come together to serve their clients better. Kaaryaa helped companies beyond the normal issues which involved merging two organizations data, systems, and infrastructure, by establishing a practical, efficient integration plan, creating standardized operating processes, and tracking progress towards end goal.

We can help you quickly break the silos and turn your data into information that can help you make informed decisions. Our integration service experts can help you build a custom infrastructure and sustainable integration process by ensuring your data integrity across disparate systems.

Reach our qualified consultants group for technology services.