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Creative Designer

You spent some time in the trenches and produced some killer creative. You have proven you can deliver with skill and professionalism.  As a Senior Designer at Kaaryaa, you'll go beyond pixel-pushing and actually work on the bigger picture to develop and deliver compelling user experiences, marketing, branding and advertising.  You'll also be accountable in ways you never anticipated as simply a Designer.  You'll need to devise but defend concepts, demonstrate your value in unconventional ways, and prove time and time again that you are a master of your craft, both among your peers and among clients.

Exp: 2

Number of Positions: 1

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Front End Developer

Who said coders and not artist? Sketching is undoubtedly an integral part in the initial creation process of interactive pieces.  Traditionally, a pencil and piece of paper was all that was (thought to be) needed to create quick and dirty mock-ups.  But as of recent, there‚Äôs been a bit of debate over which is more effective: paper and pencil or text editor and code.  Both provide an empty canvas waiting to be painted with the next viral YouTube video campaign, microsite layout or iPhone web application design.

As a senior front-end web developer, you should be able to sketch with code.  One of the inherent benefits of sketching with code is the ease of transformation into a functional prototype. You will be working in a fast-paced, highly skilled team environment and will be responsible for producing browser-based software solutions to realize website design, Social Media API's and interface concepts. You have a solid understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and are always looking for the best way to do something. Berners-Lee, Cederholm, Zeldman, Shea, and Meyers are prophets.

Exp: 3

Number of Positions: 3

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Technology Developer

Kaaryaa is seeking an experienced Senior Technology Developer with .Net and MVC experience to join our growing team. In this position, you will collaborate with the leadership team and technology leads to design, develop, and deliver applications implemented against defined technology platform and system architecture. The Senior Technology Developer guides the technical aspects of projects, from concept to leading the team through the implementation. A born leader, you're the face and voice of Kaaryaa’s technology department in internal engagements and external client engagements. This is a 'hands-on' position that requires collaboration in design, code leadership in development, as well as the ability to lead and mentor the team, support in tool use, and development process improvement.

Exp: 5

Number of Positions: 3

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