Design Philosophy

We are inspired by the idea of developing landing pages for conversation, not conversion.

The design of this site was inspired by the idea of focusing on the user and the true experience. Most of the world recommends building pages for conversion, we believe that users=people, and people are not looking for conversion. They are looking to have a conversation, and the by-product of such conversations leads to conversion. Here at Kaaryaa we would like to have a conversation about your aspirations and possibly try and help you achieve your goals.

By keeping a clean minimal design with focused content we have attempted to clearly and concisely convey the message to you. We believe that not every website requires stock photography, pictures, or graphics. The user interface should be intuitive and graphics should be used for visual cues to ease the user experience. By adding unnecessary graphics into a webpage causes distraction and dilutes the power of the message.

Not that we are against graphics, and we don't promise that's next iteration will not contain any graphics. In the world of digital we need to continuously create hypothesis and test them with the real world, with more accurate results than any other medium for social experiments. We welcome your feedback and look forward to hear from you.

Please feel free to reach us at