Social Media

Your customers are every where. Let's meet them there.

Today, customers are not bound to the limits of where your brand is present whether or website or in your brick and mortar store. Customers and taking your brand experience and engaging with it everywhere. It is now even more important to ensure that you have control of your social media strategy to ensure your survival. Never before there was a true medium available to brands and companies that was interactive making users the focal point or the center of the conversation. Brands and companies have had one way conversation with traditional medium for a very long time. The opportunity of engaging with your audience is now more in reach with social media. The challenge today that everyone faces is how to monetize the social media. Kaaryaa has social media experts that are focused on helping you build a community that can provide valuable feedback to driven changes for betterment. With the right social media strategy and an activation plan you can not only enable reaching your target audience, but also able to ensure sustainable brand experience through these channels.

Social Media strategy and activation

By taking the approach to understand the digital landscape for your industry, we facilitate a strategy to help you first choose the right social platforms for engagement. Once the right platforms are chosen the next phase starts with developing a communication plan with understanding your brand personality and bringing the right tonality for interaction. Being social means you have to be proactive, as well as prepared to be reactive. We have helped companies navigate through the uncertainty of social presence including brand and product defence strategy, building brand presence, developing socializable content, building interaction models, social apps development and much more.

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Distribution of experience across channels

We work closely with you to develop your digital experience across all social channels. The social media team then enables distribution of these experience whether it's content or building a custom app for Facebook, our team brings creativity with inclusive community management to help you reach your target audience. The distribution of your brand experience is a tedious process and requires carefully crafted plan and execution to make it successful. We ensure that your brand experience is seamless across social channels with the right message conveyed to your audience.

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Community Development and Management

Social media is now a main stream media that reaches masses faster than any other medium across the globe. Companies and brands can no more ignore social media interactions as there is a constant risk of reputation being damaged causing exorbitant losses. It is important to ensure that you are listening into the conversation, and moderating the communities. Kaaryaa has experienced community moderates to help you with developing communities and ensuring that they are moderated carefully according to your brand guidelines.

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Social Governance

Many companies control the use of social media and discourage employees to use social sites. Some companies have taken a step further, putting restrictions over network by disabling the access to social media sites. Use of social media by employees can help companies significantly in fact lower cost of digital marketing and avoiding social media disasters led by company employees. A strong governance plan is required to ensure that the company employees engaging in social media using company. Kaaryaa can help you build a strategic governance policies not only for your employees, but also help you mitigate social media contracts with third party vendors and media channels.

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