Search is the new way of customer acquisition

The complexity of building a search strategy is beyond technical hurdles, or creating searchable content. In most cases the challenges lies within the organization culture. Companies are focused on ranking, and building endless targeted keyword lists to build content around it. The truth is that you never reap the maximum benefits of such a strategy because of mainly two reasons. 1) You will fall out of quality content creation as there is a gap between the people who write the content, 2) The subject matter experts who actually know the content doesn't have time to write the content. Check out our laundry list of things to consider when building your search strategy.

Our search strategy combines all the levers of search, SEO, paid search as well as re-marketing and retargeting to build a holistic search program. We focus on the inside out methodology, where we begin our program with change management process to bring what's in it for the stakeholders. The strategic journey prepares a gap analysis of the inherent challenges that we anticipate to enable you to achieve your goals.

Search Engine Optimization

We are so confident about our SEO program that we are ready to only get paid based on your program performance.

We have helped some of the top fortune 500 companies that have global presence to build a sustainable SEO program that drives results. We believe that SEO effectiveness should be based on the results it can produce. We are confident that our proven methodology for SEO will give you the traction and results from your efforts. We even guarantee it by providing a program that is based on pay for performance.

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Paid Search

To manage a paid search campaign requires scientific mind and an art to understand the right mix of keywords, segments, and target audience. We use some of the latest tools and technology to help you with your paid search campaigns, by reducing cost and increasing ROI. The key to success for paid search campaign is about attracting the right traffic with maximum results. Our paid search strategy reduces bounce rate and enables higher conversion while working toward reducing your overall cost.

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Display Advertising, Retargeting and Content Marketing

Today's customer acquisition requires multiple digital touch points to convince and convert them with right message. We will help you build a consistent campaign that has same experience across different channels so you never miss an opportunity. We work with you to not only help you outsmart your competition, but also enable you to stay ahead of the curve with building custom targeted messaging that will help you regain control of your lost visitors.

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