Experience Development

We take your brand and product experience and transform that digitally across multiple channels. Making it interactive and seamless for your customers to connect, communicate and interact with you.

The end goal is not to deliver a project, our team takes it personally, because building an experience requires you to understand different facets of interaction. It is not simply about the design. The user centric-designs complimenting the technology just don't emerge out of thin air. We take a deeper look at different personas, segmenting the audience and contemplating and testing their interaction with the digital experience.

Information Architecture and Planning

  • Did you know that more than 84% of your website visitors never use the top navigation through-out their visit?
  • 45% visitors navigate through links within content, than using any other navigation method.
  • 73% visitors generally use footer navigation to apply for a job, or register a complaint on the site.
  • 3% of people read your about us, and other corporate pages.

Our process is to build an information architecture that can be personalized for every user. We are inspired by the idea to build digital experience with minimalistic design where we focus on "content first". Our information architecture focuses on building navigable content by incorporating call to action in the content itself. We work very hard to keep the design simple with only useful elements and remove all the superfluous stuff out of the design.

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Creative Design

We take our creative design very seriously. We believe, to build a digital experience that truly focuses on the user, one needs to take the distractions out of the equation. Most websites today are build with stock photography and unwanted graphics assuming to inspire users and lure them into the brand value. It doesn't work to inspire users with completely out of context pictorial experiences clubbed with brochure content. We take a slightly different approach with our creative design. Our guiding principle of creative design approach enables us to build extraordinary digital experiences.

  • Content and Call to Action first. Everything else later.
  • Creatives to inspire the audience.
  • Creatives that are visual cues for call to action.
  • Creatives that compliment the context of content and enhance the message value.

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Content Development and Transformation

Content is always going to be the king, but content in the right context is the king of kings. Web 2.0 requires content that is sharable and socialable. More over the content tone and propensity of the message is as important as the presentation layer. Such content requires a process involving research, understanding of the market, and its competition. It is important to understand the client’s brand and its products to deliver conducive content that can entice visitors in the digital space. We help you with most appropriate, convincing and reasonable content for the web, whether it is your website or your social presence, our creative content writers can tackle the toughest challenges with your content. Our research analyst and the knowledge management team will help you build the speaking content for digital.

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