Things that we will not do

We don’t rebel just to be different. And we don’t give in to the status-quo either.

We don’t hire sales people.

When you pick-up the phone and call us, you will be talking to the most qualified person who can help you solve your problem. We don’t always wear suits, and we never wear ties, but we are very good at what we do. We don’t hire sales people because we believe that good products and services don’t require tight suited, industry common pain points jargon filled, smart talkers who can sell you things that you may not even need. We will be transparent and straight, and only promise what we can deliver.

We don’t provide ID cards or make you wear badges in to our office.

The technical fluency of assigning employee numbers and client account numbers has proliferated in our vocabulary today, distancing from building the personal relationship with people. We focus on knowing people in our office by their name, and they are recognized by the work they do. For us clients are no different, you may have a small team in our office but we will make sure that you know everyone and everyone knows you.

We don’t assign desks and office cabins to our people.

We believe that by assigning a desk you are fixated to a location and get into the comfort zone of knowing people only in that zone. To be able to brush your shoulders across the people in office we encourage you to experience a new desk everyday. We also believe the same place creates creative blocks, and people become lazy and by having the freedom to sit anywhere can help you overcome such blocks.

We will not follow the textbook business methodology such as the 5D process (Discover, Design,Define, Develop and Deploy) and try and fit our process around it.

Every client, and every project has unique requirements. At Kaaryaa, we don’t make you fit into an existing process. We take a fresh approach understanding your needs. Then our strategy team works around those needs to build a framework for delivering the quality work on time.

We do not make people work from office only.

Not that we discount the need of having human interaction, and we are not all sold on the idea of work-from home permanently, but there are times when you want to be in your comfort zone and need to work from home, or a coffee shop without the office distraction. We believe in a hybrid model of work from anywhere.

We do not ask you to shut-up if you are speaking.

You may have heard the saying that no question or an idea is stupid. We take every idea very seriously regardless of its source. We are inspired by the concept that if every person in the room rejects the idea, the last person has the responsibility to believe in the idea and see through if it comes real. Hence, at Kaaryaa no idea is ever put in the waste bin.

We will never be dishonest to our clients, no matter how hard it is to face the truth

Every company aspires to be transparent and honest and we are not any different. We believe that by empowering our clients with the transparency and honesty in our work, will not only enable us to grow our relationship further, but it will also enable our client to foresee the challenges and help them to plan accordingly to overcome them. We hope that in our endeavour with you to not have difficult conversations, be rest assured, when the time comes we will not hesitate to face them.