Our Expertise

Enterprise Application Development

All businesses are formed based on different philosophies. We believe that two different businesses will not have the exact same requirements for all types of software. To gain a competitive advantage against your competitors you need to be able to quickly adapt to changes and build applications that can enable you to achieve your goals.

Kaaryaa specializes in custom application development. We use wide range of technology platforms to help you through the custom development process. We develop custom application to cater to your individual needs. We have designed and implemented applications that serve your unique business needs. Our application serves all the different platforms, architecture, technologies and devices.

With a sea of market changes and the new and emerging trends that are developing across industries, keeping the application architecture truly flexible and agile is an inherent challenge. With our deep domain expertise and proven track record of building flexible architecture that can not only adapt, but quickly scale and enhance your legacy applications, we can help you build the sustainable infrastructure.

Sometimes, the software that solves all your business problems is not available in the market. Our custom application development process assures that it is designed keeping in mind all your business problems and focuses on solving them.

We offer a wide range of services:

  • Application development and Enterprise application development
  • Application re-engineering and modernization
  • Application consulting
  • Application integration and migration
  • Application support and maintenance
  • Migration of legacy application into cloud

Digital Intelligence & Analytics

Every effort, every marketing idea, every campaign builds an inertia within a company before the launch, and as soon as it is executed, the next big question that everyone wants to know is “Did it work”? Our digital intelligence and analytics team can answer that question for you? We are tools agnostic when it comes to analytics, we have experience in Omniture, WebTrends, IBM Coremetrics, Google Analytics, Heap and many other platforms.

The experience dissemination team will take your brand experience and enable Distributing it across channels including social, mobile and wherever your customers are.

Digital Marketing

Web is the new channel of sales development, and brands have the constant pressure to deliver their brand and product experience online. We know that Digital Marketing landscape is growing at a rapid pace and you are facing the new challenges with the ever changing technology.

Kaaryaa is working to make this journey easy for you. Kaaryaa Labs digital marketing group is organized in three core sub-divisions. Our digital marketing group works very closely with the technology and Infrastructure group to enable our clients for delivering the best in class experience across platforms.

Digital Strategy and Information Architecture: Every client starts its engagement with the digital strategy group to understand their customers and the requirement. The digital strategy group develops strategic roadmaps and frameworks to meet client objectives.

Taking the goals and objectives defined by the digital strategy team are then brainstormed by the creative group to transform those ideas into a reality. The creative team then sends the creative of the app or the website to the technical team, where the tech team gives them life by putting the machines at work.


We just don’t consult you on the blue-sky strategy. We will get you there too.

Kaaryaa has a team of certified developer, consultants and administrators to help you with Salesforce.com. We have deep business and technical competencies focused on helping you drive customer engagement and growth. Our proven methodology ensures high quality cloud implementation both on time and on budget.

New Implementation or Existing Implementation Enhancement

We provide trusted, fully certified Salesforce advisors. Our strategy team will work closely to understand your business domain and deliver customize Salesforce.com experience and integration needs. Whether you are implementing salesforce.com for the first time, or would like to enhance your Salesforce.com application by connecting the critical data points across legacy systems, our team can help you deliver the custom solution tailored to your needs.

Digital Marketing and CRM

Digital Market is constantly evolving. In the digital age, you can envision big ideas. Your customers are everywhere. Let’s meet them there. Today, your customers live on social networks, blogs, your website, mobile etc. The cross pollination of digital marketing channels to provide a holistic experience is a must. Integrating the social platform with Salesforce.com will enable your organization to harness the true power of digital intelligence. Get a 360* view for your clients prospects and clients.

Different customers have different needs. Digital marketing has made it easy to cater to their individual needs. We help you in analyzing all the customer data available to understand what worked and what did not work. We through our application allow you to formulate strategies to calculate the user experience which is the key to success in the digital age.